Motivational Fiction: Samantha’s Story 1

The following story is a motivational story about Samantha.  It is a motivational fiction that is a made up story that hopefully will empower you to live the life of your dreams.

“Today will be a great day,” Samantha’s reflection stared back at her.

Her life was full of conflict right now, but she had a vision for the future.

The day she wrote out her goals she also created a vision.  All her goals and dreams were clarified and they were up on the inside of her closet.

She had to hide everything from her family.  They were not supportive of her at all.  She used to be supported by her mom and dad, but, after they were killed in an accident when Samantha was 8 years old.

Now she lived with her aunt and uncle and their three daughters.  Her aunt and uncle, sister and brother-n-law of her dad, totally ignored her.  Her cousins, Stephanie, Sophia, and Shelly, would absolutely torment her.

The three sisters would come into Samantha’s attic room and tear down her posters, rip up her journals, and embarrass her in front of their friends and family.

She at first thought about how her life would be different if her mom and dad were still alive.  For a while, she imagined her life if her Aunt Mia was still in the country and reachable.  Unfortunately, she was on assignment in a different country.  Her Aunt Mia is a reporter and traveled around the world all the time. That is why the courts gave her Aunt Silvia and Steven custody.  The only reason they fought for custody was due to the large inheritance that went with Samantha.

Her Aunt Mia fought hard and said she wouldn’t quit fighting, but she was limited contact with Samantha.  The last time her Aunt Silvia called the newspaper she was told Aunt Mia was out of the country and they couldn’t get a hold of her.  At least, that is what her Aunt Silvia told her in an annoyed tone.  Aunt Silvia always sounded annoyed when Samantha asked her any question.

All of this wishful thinking continually ran through her head when she moved with her aunt, Uncle, and cousins.  That was before she met her 6th-grade teacher.  Mrs. Londan was not only teaching her nouns and verbs, addition and subtraction, or historical people and scientific methods, but she also was teaching her students the importance of creating a positive life for themselves.

Ever since that year, she created a vision of what she wanted for her life.  even though her cousins make fun of her, she keeps her vision alive and writes about them as though they were already in her life.  She didn’t care about what her cousins, aunt, and uncle, or anybody else thought or did.

Today, she started her senior year of high school.  One more year and she would be in college working toward her dream.  Her dream of journalism like her Aunt Mia.  A change to write the truth about the country and the world.

“Come on slow poke,”  Laura sat in her cherry red convertible as Samantha ran out of her house.

“I’m coming!” Samantha loved Laura like a sister.  She didn’t have siblings of her own.  During weekdays and on the weekend, Samantha spent all her time with Laura and her family.  Laura’s parents loved Smanatha like she was a daughter and her older brother pestered her like he did Laura.

“Are you ready for the first day of our last year!”

Samantha slid into the front seat with a huge grin on her face.  She was definitely excited about this year.  Laura knew her vision and what she wanted to do with her life.

Continued next week…



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