Motivational Fiction: Samantha’s Story 2

The following story is a motivational story about Samantha.  It is a motivational fiction that is a made up story that hopefully will empower you to live the life of your dreams.

Continued from Samantha’s Story 1:

“Hey, you awake this morning.” Laura looked at me from the corner of her eye.

“What?”  Samantha looked at her in confusion and pointed dramatically to the road.

“You haven’t heard anything I have said.”

“Oh, sorry, just thinking.”

“This will be a great year.  Senior year!”  Samantha put a finger in her ear in irritation. “Then next year we will be off to college.”

Samantha leaned back and sighed.  She knew Laura was right, but she was nervous about the year.  She still had to face her aunt, uncle, and cousins for the rest of the year.

Laura kept looking over at Samantha.  She knew her concern and hated that she lived in the house.

When they pulled into the school parking lot, the parking lot was half-full.  A lot of students would show up just in time to run to class.  Most of them would be late.  Not Samantha and Laura.  They both loved coming to school early.  Most of the time, they went to the library and studied, research, or wrote their articles for the school newspaper.

Their best friends, Davis and Lincoln, would be two of them that would run in and slide through the classroom door right before the second bell would ring.  This was okay with the two besties.  Samantha and Laura both wanted to write like Aunt Mia.  They wrote day and night.  Every day, they would exchange papers and get feedback from each other.  Because of their hard work and their ability to take criticism or feedback, which is what they preferred to call it, they were the best writers in the school.

As they walked into the empty school, Laura stopped for a moment and took Samantha’s hand.

“Best year ever,” Laura whispered as they started walking toward the library.

The library was empty.  Even the librarian was not at her usual post.  The door was always open after 6pm, because the principal had taken a shining to the two girls and wanted to give them all the advantage he could.  Mr. Donevan was very aware of Samantha’s situation and was asked by her Aunt Mia, her freshmen year to watch her.

Her Aunt Mia and Mr. Donevan went to high school together, and Samantha knew Mr. Donevan really like her Aunt Mia.

Samantha and Laura got right to work on their articles.  Samantha was assigned the before school celebration, which they attended the Saturday before school started.  Laura was working on an article about the graduation rates of schools in Mayfield and those outside Mayfield.

Mrs. Stevens was the school newspaper director.  She was a great writing teacher, but all the students were not so thrilled with the assignments they received.  They all wanted to come up with their own assignments and go after real news stories.  Mayfield had a lot of criminal activity and people knew many dirty cops were involved.  The students wanted to get to the bottom of crime in Mayfield, but Mrs. Stevens main concerned was their safety.  She kept telling them how they would get to do bigger stories after they became professional journalists, but, until then, she wanted to protect them.

Samantha and the others understood and loved Mrs. Stevens for her big heart, but they were restless and tried to go after bigger stories on their own.  Although Mrs. Stevens knew what they were doing, she kept quiet.

As Samantha looked down at her blank paper, her mind was struggling to focus.  She couldn’t think about where to begin.  The Before School Rally was normal.  There was nothing spectacular about the event.

“What are you trying to do, telepathically write the article.”  Samantha looked up and gave Laura a glare.

“I only wish.”  Samantha took out her notes and looked through them for anything that would stand out.

“BOOM! CRASH!” The library shook and books fell off the shelves.  Samantha and Laura were shaken so hard they found themselves on the floor.  Each scrambled under the table and threw their arms around each other.

“What was that?” Laura was shaking as she whispered in her ear.

“I am not sure,” Samantha whispered back.

She let go of Laura and tried to crawl out from under the table.  Suddenly she realized she could not move.  Laura was holding onto her led in a desperate attempt to keep her from leaving.

“Where are going?”

Samantha swiped at Laura’s arm and slid out from under the table.  Still crouched down, she looked at Laura and whispered, “I am going to see what happened.”

“No, you need to stay here.”  Her voice cracked as she pleaded with Samantha, but there was no use.  Samantha was already to the door in a crawling position looking out into the hallway.

Samantha stood up slowly and walked toward the exit.  She didn’t have to leave the building before seeing a huge raging fire.  The flames were jumping out from the roof top of the building next door.  It was a well known fast food called Frankies.  Samantha gasped, because she knew Frankie’s owner Frankie Sr. always came to work at 5 am.

“Oh, God!”  Samantha turned around to see Mr. Donevan behind.

“Mr. Donevan, Frankie Sr. is in there.”

“I know, Samantha.”  Mr. Donevan put his hand on her arm and tried to lead her back to the library.

“NO! I have to go get him out.”  She tried to pull away from Mr. Donevan’s grasp, but it was no use.  He was a lot stronger than Laura.

When she realized it was no use, she willingly went back to the library with Mr. Donevan.  As she was reunited with Laura and the two friends embraced, they could hear the high pitched whining of the fire trucks.

To Be Continued…

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