My Map to Success Star Corner

I was thinking about who would make it to My Map to Success Star Corner.  There are two people that have impressed me so much.  All week I have gone back and forth with who I would write about.  Finally, I decided to write on both of them because they both doing something that people might see as impossible.

Okay, let’s get to know our two stars.  They are my husband, Brenton, and my daughter, Kalamarie, who are not only brilliant but also hilarious.  Every day they make me laugh and I always enjoy being around them.

Of course, that is not why I am writing about them.  The reason I am writing about them is that they have achieved great success in writing.  I know you are probably saying that a lot of people achieve a lot in writing, so how are they any different.  Well, because they are both dyslexic.

They struggled for years writing, but now they are both writing a book.  One, Brenton, is writing a dissertation for a doctorate in Education.  The other one, Kalamarie, is writing a fictional novel.  It is such a joy to watch them achieve such greatness in an area that was such a struggle a few years ago.

You probably say, “Well, they are writing a book, but it isn’t published yet.”  That is true, but they are so far into the writing process that I know they will publish and succeed in both of their areas.  Brenton has 54 pages and Snow has 39 pages.  They have come too far to quit.  At about the same time, they will complete their books and publish.

What does this teach us about our own success?  Well, we all come up against struggles.  There may be something that you are not really great at, but, if you push through and do it anyway, you will succeed.  These are stories of perseverance and overcoming a struggle.

Now, if you have something you want to succeed at, then face the struggles and persevere until you succeed.

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