Keys to Success Part 2

In Success Principals, Jack Canfield also talks about a subject that may break some hearts.  It sure did mine.  Television!  Yes, to really become successful we need to limit the amount of television time.  One hour a day is the most any of us should watch in a day.  There are times I realize that I have watched six or more hours of television.  It is a mind-numbing habit that can take over your life.

Once I heard this fact about television, I decided to go a step further.  I am challenging my family to stop watching television Monday through Friday.  We can watch it on the weekends, but we can only watch one hour on Saturday and one hour on Sunday.  For one or two of my kids, this will not affect them in any way.  They really don’t watch that much television.  There is one that will flip out.  Together we will learn a new habit.  We will take that hour and read instead.

Why am I doing this to my family?  Because I care about their success.  Reading can help us become experts in any field.  Since I want to become an expert in personal development, it is important that I challenge myself and read, at least, an hour a day, but I know that my kids have things they want to accomplish in their lives, too.  Giving them the opportunity to read on a subject that they love will increase their success.  It could also help them decide what they want to do with their lives and what direction will get them to that desire (start creating a map for their success).

If you aren’t thrilled about reading, listen to an audiobook.  Audiobooks save time, you can listen to them in the care, and they still give you the information that the book would give.  Some may not be audio learners, so watching a training video on the book would do the trick as well.  Youtube videos that have authors of books I read help me to visualize the author and really solidify what they are saying (I am a visual learner).

Challenge: Create a list or go find a list on someone else’s site, like Jack Canfield, and start creating your lifelong learning plan.  You can educate yourself in any area you want.  This will help get you to your main goal faster than if you don’t read and study. 

Yes, I am going to say it: watch at how much TV you are watching.  Do an electronics fast and see what happens with your personal growth.  I have actually found peace in not watching TV.  The only electronics that I use is for my personal education each day.  

In response to my lifelong learning, I will show you in an upcoming post my actual learning plan, which is a part of my Success Map.  This Success Map is where my dreams, passions, desires, and goals are written.  In this map, I also include the lifelong learning plan that will keep me on track.

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The Success Principles by Jack Canfield

The Success Principles for Teens by Jack Canfield

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