Happy Place

When you leave a beautiful place, you carry it with you wherever you go.     

Alexandra Stoddard

Wise Old Sayings

All week I have thought about all the research I have done.  There were so many things I wanted to touch on this week.  As I wrote the first two posts, I started to think about the next key to success.  Of course, I could discuss thoughts, words, how we treat ourselves, and so many other topics that are vital to our success in life.  Suddenly, I realized what I needed to write about.

I know what your thinking.  Our happy place, really?  Wouldn’t writing on how we treat ourselves more important than creating a happy place.  Well, I am here to tell you that creating a happy place is the first thing you need to do in order to care for yourself.

Let me tell you this way.  For many years, I literally cared little about myself.  I was always depressed, frustrated, and angry.  No matter what other people did to help me, I couldn’t receive it.  Things would come my way that were good things that I really needed in my life.  Nope, I couldn’t accept them.

Why was it so hard to accept good things in my life.  Well, my mind was so riddled with unhappiness and stress that I couldn’t receive anything.  I wasn’t able to like myself, because I was a mean, bitter person who was hard to like.

Anything that happened to me was a bad, bad thing.  Nothing was ever going to go right for me.  I was always going to live in a dark hole, and I couldn’t become the person I really wanted to be.  Why?  If you aren’t happy, your mind is not open to good things.  When we finally become the happy people we were meant to be, we are able to accept the things that are good.

When I finally got into a happy place, I could see all the good in me and in my life.  This is when I realized the importance of being grateful was to my happy place.  Without a grateful mindset, there is no way you can stay happy.  You can’t even recognize happy.  These are two things that go hand and hand.

Here is the process of becoming grateful and happy.  This is something I learned from great men and women in the Personal Development world.  One of those people was Jack Canfield.  He teaches the importance of both these states.

How to live in a grateful state:

  • Every night before you go to sleep, write down 5 grateful statements.
  • These statements should start with I am…
  • They should always include the words happy and grateful.
  • Example: I am happy and grateful that I am able to sleep in a warm bed.
  • If you can’t sleep in a warm bed, then find something else.
    • Can you eat food every day?
    • Do you have a job?
    • Are your children healthy?

Every night write these 5 statements.  Don’t stop after a week, a month, or even a year.  This is a habit that you need to deliberately put in place.  If you do, you will become so grateful that everything good that happens you will notice.

Next, you are going to do a happiness technique that I use with all my first time coaching clients.  Please, stop what you are doing (if you cannot stop what you are doing now, please come back and do this when you can) and get into a quiet place.  Make sure you no one is distracting you.

Okay, here it goes…

  1. Close your eyes.
  2. Think of a time that you were the happiest.
  3. Really focus on the emotions that you felt.
  4. Name the emotions: happiness, joy, delight, loved, peaceful, strong, or relaxed (you can name as many positive emotions as you can).
  5. Every day, you will take a moment and think about the experience, see the experience, and enjoy the experience.
  6. When you get frustrated or in a bad mood, say to yourself: “Not today!”
  7. Close your eyes and think about the experience you created in your mind above and focus on the emotions.
  8. This will be your happy place when things just aren’t going right.

These two techniques have absolutely changed my life.  There was so much pain from past memories, but, now, I can focus on the happy emotions and the negative ones fade away.

Challenge:  It is your turn to get rid of those negative emotions and find your happy place.  It is also important that you become grateful each day.  That way when things happen, you can easily change your state of mind and become happy.  This will allow you to see and accept the good things that are flowing into your life.

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