My Map to Success Star Corner

Today’s star is a friend, Anel Reyna, that I met about a year ago.  She has the sweetest spirit and very caring.  This last Sunday I got to sit down in her home and ask her some questions about her success.  This was an exciting time and I learned so much from her.

What I really learned from Anel is that not knowing how to do something is not an excuse to give up.  You see, Anel is a Young Living Essential Oils Consultant.  Young Living sells pure essential oils and other health products that assist people in living healthier lifestyles.  She is on the executive level.  Her goal is to go up a level each year.  The next level is silver.

Her goals impressed me, but there was one more thing that impressed me more.  She actually knew nothing about the business when she signed up six years ago.  At first, she just wanted to help her family live a healthier lifestyle.  After a while, she realized she could help her parents and her drive to do the business began.

Knowing she didn’t know anything about the business, she went looking for the information.  In her area, she found a class on the product and business.  Next, she started having parties and learned what she needed to know to succeed.

I think this is such a key to success.  Anel could have said, “Well, I don’t know how to do the business, so what’s the point.”

She could have stopped trying and never went up to the Executive level.  Instead, she said, “I may not know what to do, but I can find the answer to any of my questions.”

This is a great example of how a burning desire to make things better for your family can turn into a lucrative business.  If you really desire something, it is vital to push in by educating yourself. This will help give you the energy you need to reach success in whatever you desire.

This knowledge even allowed Anel to work through some of the blocks in her business.  When she went to get training and developed her business, she became less shy and able to communicate more effectively.  She still wants to develop this skill and become even less shy, but she has come along.

The sparkle in her eye as we sat and talked told me that she is not done growing and becoming the woman she wants to be and create the business that will help give her parents the financial freedom they deserve.  I’ve been to her classes and parties.  She shares from her heart the benefits of the Young Living product.

If you want any more information on Anel’s business, please click the link below:

Young Living Wholly Oils


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