Be Do Have

“Each moment of our life, we either invoke or destroy our dreams.”

-Stuart Wilde

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Like last week, we are going to continue talking about the keys to success. On Friday, we said that most people see life as have, do, and be. This is so far from the truth. We have to Be, Do, and then we Have.

Last week we talked about “Be”. Now, we are going to talk about the “Do” part of life. “Do” means exactly what you think. It means that we take action. Now, action is one thing but there is something that we call inspired action.

Inspired action is totally different than just taking action. Inspired action comes from little thoughts that come to us when we are really focusing and praying about something. God is speaking to you and saying this is the direction I need to go.

How do we get inspired action? Well, it is actually really easy. You focus (keep the thought in your mind day and night) and pray and thank God for whatever you need.

This gratitude is so important when you are in the “do” part of the process. If you are grateful for what you have, you are more open to good things. You are not looking or dwelling on what is bad but, instead, you are looking for the good things. They come along and you recognize them and have more opportunities due to this recognition.

Now, doing shouldn’t be hard. Inspired action is fun and exciting. You are driven to act, but the action feels like you have worked for two minutes when you have worked for hours.

There are times when I do this with writing my blogs, setting up my website, and coaching my clients. Due to the fact that I was inspired to coach others, I will coach for an hour and it feels like only five seconds has gone by.

When you are inspired, it means that work is no longer a drag or hard to do. This is the kind of work we all want. Many go through life and they do not get the opportunity to see real success. Inspired action may not come to them because they are not trusting in the process or in the God of the universe.

Those who trust in this process and God is more blessed and happier than those who do not. You may say this is not true, but I have watched two types of people. Those who really trust God (I am not talking about those who say they do but complain about their life) have a peace that is beautiful. People love being around them.

The people who do not trust God and struggle with this concept are miserable. They may love and trust God one moment, but, as soon as something happens they don’t like, they fall apart. People find it hard to stay around them for too long. I am practicing the kind of person that truly trusts in God and uses inspired action throughout their life.

Challenge: Now, it is your turn to sit and visualize what you want or need. Do this throughout the day. At first, pray and ask God for what you want or need (he asks us to do this). Next, throughout the day visualize what you want and thank God for it and all other good things.  He is so gracious.  Listen for inspired action: If you feel very strongly to do something (as long as it is legal and acceptable to God), then do it.  Make sure, though, this inspired action isn’t something that becomes a burden to others.  Try this and see if things in your life change.

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  1. In my experience, God can inspire us from many sources in our life. Inspiration can come from people, movies, songs, conversations, books, news stories… the sources are infinite. The key is to be watching, listening, and open to His inspiration.

    Richard Yadon |

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