MMTS Star Corner

“Personal development is the belief that you are worth the effort, time, and energy needed to develop yourself.”

— Denis Waitley

Suzette Audia grew up in New York but then moved to Texas to get away from bad influences. She started styling hair in a rented space, but soon her leadership was discovered and she realized others wanted to work with her. That is when she decided to open her own salon called Suzette Audia’s Hair Design Group. She is fantastic at what she does with hair. Her Salon is absolutely amazing and the atmosphere is inviting, but there is something about Suzette that is even more impressive.

When I interviewed her, the most important part of her business and her personal life was personal development. She is committed to making herself and everyone around her better. Suzette has a heart for people, but, even more, she has a heart for seeing them improve and grow in their lives.

Her dream is to speak to others and teach them personal development. This is something I definitely see happening very soon. Her compassion for others is apparent. Another thing that is apparent is her own personal growth. Not only does she own a salon, have a passion for styling people’s hair, teach hairstyling classes that help every day people use tools to make their hair look beautiful but she also created her own hairline product.

Suzette Audia’s E-system uses emu oil in each of the products. This system was created to combat any financial scares that she might face. If she was not working on growing and creating her own personal development plan, she wouldn’t work on creating hairline products, opening her own salon, or teaching others personal development.

She is an example of what happens when you work on your own growth. When we focus on our own growth and keep our eyes off of everyone else’s problems, we get things done. We are successful when we fix us first. Once we fix ourselves, then we can help others that want to grow and succeed in their lives.

We need to all take Suzette’s example and create a plan to work on ourselves through personal development. If you do, you will begin to see the same passion that you notice as soon as you meet Suzette. Not long after you develop passion and desire, you will see success in your life.

Please make sure you check out Suzette’s website. You will not regret visiting her salon and meeting all the awesome hairstylists. What will stand out the most when you walk in is the energy that flows through the salon. It is a place you love enjoying and don’t want to leave.

For more information on Suzette Audia’s Hair Design Group, please click on the link below:

Suzette Audia’s Hair Design Group

2 Replies to “MMTS Star Corner”

  1. I know firsthand how Suzette’s influence, personal growth, and desire to help others can impact a person’s life forever. I was one of her first protégés back in the day! What I learned from Suzette is priceless. I am who I am today, much in part, by who Suzette helped me become when I was in my early 20’s. She is a blessing beyond measure. I will always hold her in high regard and will forever be grateful for not only the experiences I had & the knowledge I gained in the Beauty Industry, but more for the life lessons she taught me along the way. Anyone who has the chance to step into her salon and sit in her chair will be forever changed in a beautiful way.


    1. Holly, I believe it. She is an amazing woman and incredible at what she does. We need more people like her in the world. Thank you so much for sharing from your heart.


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