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When I talk with people, I hear a lot of the bad things that happen to them. They are constantly talking about everything that went wrong with their day. After a while, people are so focused on what is going wrong that they do not see what is going right.

You may think, but, Tina, there are so many things going wrong in the world. There may be things going wrong in the world but there are so many things that are right. People receive so many blessings. This is something that I didn’t realize until I went looking for them.

This week I want to talk about gratitude. All week we will talk about what gratitude is and how it can change our lives. Every day, we will add gratitude statements and use them to create the life of our dreams. The following are some gratitude statements that I use each day.

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Gratitude Statements:

I am happy and grateful for God’s mercy.

I am happy and grateful for the love of my family.

I am happy and grateful for peace in my home.

I am happy and grateful for the home that keeps me safe.

I am happy and grateful for the time I get to spend doing what I love.

I am happy and grateful for the air that I breathe.

I am happy and grateful for the food that sustains me.

I am happy and grateful for the ability to learn and grow.

Challenge: Today, I want you to create you own gratitude affirmations. They should be based on what you are happy and grateful for. If you can’t find big things, look for small ones. Maybe you are grateful for a dollar you found on the ground. It could even be a quarter. Anything that brings a little happiness in your life is something you need to appreciate.

The rest of the week we will learn the benefits of gratitude, how gratitude changed my life, and how you can include it into yours. This will open your eyes to why things may not be going well for you but is going well for others around you.

There is a reason that you may not get the outcomes that you are looking for so pay close attention to what you say in your head and what comes out of your mouth. If you are saying things that don’t show gratitude, check yourself and restate what you said in a positive, grateful manner.

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“Be grateful for the little things and all of a sudden you will notice the big things!”

Tina White

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