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Marcia Collins-Brown

Marcia Collins-Brown is one of those bubbly outgoing people that everyone thinks has a perfect life. She truly feels happiness now but she wasn’t always happy. She suffered in silence while living in a painful situation. Now, free to live a fulfilling life in Florida, she is teaching women to remove the happy face mask and face their pain.

Her gift is to connect with people. She makes people feel like they are the only one in the room that matters. Her contagious laugh makes me smile every time we speak. Since she moved to Florida from Texas, we have not connected as much. This interview was a real treat as we sat and talked over a video conference.

Marcia is an author, speaker, and educational consultant. This woman never slows down. She wants children to learn effectively in the school system and she wants women to find peace.

Her heart is apparent when she starts talking about her new book, Removing the Mask: Move Forward with Authentic Confidence.  This is a book that is worth the read. As a woman who has hidden from the pain, I love to read books or listen to others talk about how they were set free from their pain.

There are no words for me to explain how much I admire Marcia. Her resiliency is not just lip service. She has come from a very painful place and now she is helping other women do the same thing. She is an example of true healing.

Every woman needs to take Marcia’s example and become resilient in her lives. We all need to overcome our brokenness and help others do the same. Marcia cannot change the world all by herself. She needs all of us to help her by becoming whole and then show others the way.

If you are interested in the subject of resiliency and how it can change your life or any other consulting services she offers, please visit Marcia’s website and don’t forget to order her book. It won’t take long to see how special Marcia is and how much she cares about others. Her heart for people, especially hurting women, is apparent the minute you get to know her.

Click on Marcia Collins-Brown’s name to go to her website:

Marcia Collins-Brown

Challenge: You need to rise up and become a resilient woman. Not just for your own sake but for those who follow you. You may think people aren’t following you but that is far from the truth. Friends, family, neighbors, and co-workers are just a few watching to see how you respond to difficulties in your life. This doesn’t mean you just live to please these people but to lead them.

Marcia will be joining the MMTS Female Entrepreneur Mastermind Group online in March. The information is posted below. There is limited space so please let me know as soon as possible. If you are interested in attending please click on my name below and I will reserve you a seat and send you a link.

Tina White

What an exciting event!

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