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Patience is not a characteristic that I thought I would ever write about. It is not a characteristic I really wanted to accept was important. Yet, here I am writing about patience because I have learned a valuable lesson. Success is dependent on how patient you become.

Patience is vital because, when we want to become successful and set big goals for becoming successful, sometimes we must patiently wait as we accomplish the smaller goals or until we receive what we need to accomplish our goals. It sounds simple, right? It is one of those skills that you have to work on.

How do you work on patience? Well, you have to watch your emotions and your behaviors. These are signs that you are not patiently waiting for success. It means that you are starting to become frustrated with the waiting process that we all have to go through at times.

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Right now, I want to put a disclaimer. Patience does not mean we stand still. This is one of the steps to patience that I will talk about this week but I want you to understand that patience is never passive. When I say patiently waiting, I am referring to action. Yes, I said patiently waiting is an action. Don’t worry, I will explain the action process this week.

For now, though, I want to really talk about what has happened to me when I did not have patience. You see, lack of patience really got me in trouble a couple or millions of times. Lack of patience almost destroyed everything I was trying accomplish and made me an emotional basket case.

When I am inpatient, I make really bad decisions. Sometimes, I take action that is not good for me or the success I want. Other times, I get really frustrated and angry at everything and everyone around me. This is when I have to stop, breathe and really check to see what my emotions are telling me. Yup, my emotions speak to me. Don’t yours?

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Let me explain why I know your emotions speak to you. Emotions were created and put within every human to let us know what we are thinking. If you are sad and depressed, it means you are thinking negative thoughts. When you are feeling happy and peaceful, you are thinking positive thoughts.

This is something I learned for myself when I started to eliminate my negative thoughts. I have read books and taken courses about the benefits of thinking positively. What I did not understand it was that it would help me decrease and eventually eliminate my depression.

When I feel the sadness or depression come on, I change my thinking. This is something I have to do specifically when I am trying to patiently wait for something. If I want something to happen or I am making really small progress toward a goal, I can start thinking negative thoughts. These thoughts can create negative emotions that can slow down my progress or stop my progress altogether.

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Challenge: Today, we are going to work on patience. If you have a goal that you are working on, check and make sure that you are not getting frustrated with the process. Instead develop some positive statements that you can say when negative emotions arise and relax as you wait.

We have talked about affirmations in past blogs so you know how much I believe in them. If you are struggling to stay positive and patiently wait, then say: I am patiently waiting for ___________ to happen. I know that this will happen for me and I am going to stay positive as I wait.

We will talk more on this subject the rest of the week. I am excited to share with you what I have learned about patience. Now, does this mean that it is something I am perfect at, well, no! I am a work in progress and each day I get better and patiently wait for the things I need to succeed.

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