Patiently Waiting

This week we are talking about patience.  Yesterday, I told you that patience was vital for all our success.  There are a few reasons why patience is so important to success.  We will talk more about patience and success tomorrow, too.  Today, we are going to talk about three main reasons it is important to develop patience.

For this blog, we are going to use one example to illustrate all three reasons why patience goes together with success.  The introduction to this illustration is a children’s book that my daughter, Snow, and I decided to write 15 years ago.  Snow created two characters that were twin mice named Jimmy and Johnny.  During this time, she was about eight years old.  She was going to draw the illustrations and I was going to write the story.

Back then I had so many limiting beliefs that I made every excuse why I didn’t finish our book.  This year, as I was going through and cleaning out some files, I found the manuscript.  I decided it was time to self-publish our book.  This is exactly what I am doing now.  When I thought about patience, I thought about this story.  Why?  Because I am trying to patiently wait as I get the book done and the publishing company is building my team.

First, when we are patiently waiting for success, we can focus on what is going on around us while we are waiting. When we see what is going on around us, we are aware of inspired action and know when we need to move and when we need to turn and when we need to start doing something else. 

Snow and I are waiting as we complete the illustrations and the publishing company completes our team.  This means that we could either moan and complain that it was not all done yet and pace back and forth waiting for everything to get done.  This would totally get our eyes off everything we need to get done.

Right now, Snow and I have certain tasks that we must accomplish.  Due to the tediousness of drawing on the computer, I am helping Snow by taking over the coloring.  If I was not patiently waiting, I may miss the fact that Snow was needing help with the illustrations and she would struggle on her own.  While I am waiting for the team leader to get the team assembled, I am looking at other avenues I need to take to, not only write, illustrate, and publish the book, but also distribute and sell the book.

Second, when we are patiently waiting for success, we are at peace and able to enjoy what is going on as we are working on our goals.  When we enjoy and have peace, the time seems shorter and we feel like we are getting things done faster.  This is a true statement.

Of course, it would be easy to get impatient and allow the situation to steal my joy.  During the waiting process, I could have no peace at all but then it may feel longer than what it really is to get the book published.  Now, I am happy to say that, because I am patiently waiting for the publishing process, I am enjoying every minute as I color the illustrations, take care of my coaching business and my family. 

There are so many things, other than my book, that need my attention.  If I do what I can on the book right now and enjoy it, while doing other projects, soon enough my book will be published and ready for distribution.  What an exciting time that will be for Snow and me.  For now, we just patiently wait.

Finally, A synonym for patience is endurance (  Endurance means we can sustain our pace as we work on our goals.  As we work on big goals, like writing a book, we need to build endurance.  These goals force us to make a commitment that means we are in for the long haul.  We are dedicated to creating these goals, but we are also dedicated to seeing them through. 

Snow and I know that we will complete the manuscript and send it to the publishing company.  For three or four months, Snow and I will have to wait until the book is completed.  There may be a lot of time where we are talking back and forth with the publishing, but it will take endurance to see it to the end.

Challenge:  Today, I want you to look at one of your major goals.  Ask yourself the following questions:

  • Are you having to wait for something that pertains to your goal?
  • What is it that you are having to wait for and is it an important part of your goal?
  • Are you waiting patiently for this to occur?
  • While you wait, are you looking around to see what else you need to do for your goal or other goals?
  • Are you enjoying yourself while you wait for the goal to get accomplished?
  • Are you building endurance while you wait for your goal to get accomplished?
  • Do you need help to patiently wait to accomplish your goal?
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