Patience Affirmations

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Wow, what an amazing topic. Today, I want to discuss how important patience affirmations are to really creating that patience in your life. These affirmations will help to create that peaceful waiting as you complete each of your goals. We will talk more about patiently waiting while you create action.

In Monday’s blog, I talked about patient not standing still. This is so true! There is no such thing as standing still. You are either moving forward or moving backward.

When I say patiently waiting, that is actually a call to action. As you see, everything I say that I am doing while I am waiting for my book to publish is action. I am completing illustrations, I am creating affirmations, and am working on other activities.

When you patiently wait, you need to do something that will help you to move forward while you patiently wait. Even if it is not on the goal that you are waiting for, it is important to work on something. This will help distract you from the waiting.

For instance, when there is nothing else for me to do on a project, I will write affirmations that help me either patiently wait for an answer or someone else to complete their part. At this time, I may also write gratitude affirmations that would help me to wait with gratitude for the opportunities I am receiving.

Challenge: You need to look for ways to wait patiently for the things you need to complete important projects in your life. Make an action list a head of time so that you can be ready when they show up. This is important to your success and to your happiness during the waiting period. Finally, create your own affirmations like the ones I created below to help build you patience for success.

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I am happy and grateful for patience in my life.

I am happy and grateful that I am finding important tasks to do to move me toward my goal as I become successful.

I am happy and grateful for the peace that patience brings in my life.

I am happy and grateful for the success that patience brings.

I am happy and grateful for really improving my patience each minute of each day.

I am happy and grateful for the inspired action I am receiving as I am patiently waiting to complete my goals.

I am happy and grateful for the passion that is driving me toward my goals and that I am patient with myself as I learn my skill.

I am happy and grateful for the ability to work in the area of my passions.

I am happy and grateful for the ability to break that passion into goals and tasks so I can become the success I really desire.

I am happy and grateful for my life.

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