For everyone, the definition of a dream life is different. Just like animals, fish love to live in the water and cats stay as far away as possible. You may say, Tina what is my dream life? Well, this is a question you must answer.

It is not an easy answer but you can do it. Sometimes, we get stuck in answering this question. We feel overwhelmed by the possibilities and opportunities out there in the world. This is why coaching is becoming popular. We all need help sometimes to help us figure out what we want and how to get there.

My Map to Success was born out of this need. As a young adult, I never had a definite answer to what I wanted out of life or how I was going to live happy and financially free. When I realized that I needed help, I felt ashamed.

We all need a helping hand some times!

This help has now become a sense of pride for me. I am so excited about the counselors and coaches I have worked with. I still have counselors and coaches that help me through my life.

At this moment, I have a coach that helps me with my emotional and mental blocks that come up from time to time (no one is perfect and we all have things we need to work on). Next week, I will start working with a new business coach. She is a coach to coaches. How awesome it that!

Challenge: Go to my home page and fill-out the free coaching session. It is a way to try coaching without making a financial commitment. If you feel that coaching with me is for you, you can then sign-up for one of my various coaching packages.

If you have an area that is not listed, I will work with you do build a package that suits your needs. I am here to add value to your life. My passion is to help you discover and live your passion.

Create Your Map Today!

Please, if you have any questions email me at

If you would like to schedule your free coaching session, please sign up at

Personal Development Coaching Includes:

You will create a success map in…

Creating a Happy Life, Eliminating Limiting Beliefs, Designing Your Life, Goal-setting, Becoming a Lifelong Learner,  Making Connections, Developing Relationships, Maintaining Your Personal Development Growth, Financial Freedom, Business Development and Growth, Social Marketing, and so much more.

Click here for Personal Development Coaching Session Options.

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