What Rules Your Life?


Zig Ziglar once said, “F-E-A-R has two meanings: ‘Forget Everything And Run’ or ‘Face Everything And Rise.’ The choice is yours.”

There was a time and still are a few moments when I feel like running because I don’t want to face the fear. I leave all my dreams behind and I run for safety. Unfortunately, those are the moments that I regret the most. When I face the fear and do what I want to do, I am proud even if I fail. Usually, I do succeed at what I try, because I put everything I have into what I do.

If you have a goal that is scary, find people you can lean on or trust in. When I have scary moments in life, I have people who will help me by giving me advice or just listening. These people are family members, friends, or people that I admire.

Another way to face the fear is to find a coach who you can learn from. In the past, young people would learn as apprentices. Finding a coach is the same kind of thing. You watch and learn from those who that have an expertise in your specific field.

Finally, people who keep their dreams or goals in front of them on a daily basis are more likely to make that dreams or goals a reality. The visual presentation makes your brain work harder to reach that dream or goal. In addition, it helps you strategize how you will reach the goal. It also encourages you during really hard times and, especially, when you fear.

Facing everything and rising is your chose. Look at what matters and decide for yourself what is more important. Is your safety more important than your success? For me, my success is more important than my safety.

I choose to face everything and rise! What do you choose?

Eight Person Huddling

Challenge: Find an area of your life where you are fearful. Take each of these suggestions and try them. It is important that you follow through on whatever project or event that you need to complete whether you have fear or not.

I will do this with you. In the next week, I am speaking at the Southeast Dallas Chamber of Commerce March Luncheon. I usually do very well not fearing speaking engagements (well, at least not much any more) but these are people that I really respect and I want to make sure that I give the value they expect for the luncheon.

I will complete this event and let you know how it went but I want you to choose your event and push through as well. I want you to let me know how it went for you. Life is to be played together. Let’s have fun and do this together!

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