Fanning the Flame

Okay, I want you to know that the hardest thing for me to do is stay still. When I don’t see the results that I want, I become restless. My restlessness turns to panic. Panic creates chaos.

This week I am working on sitting through my storms or just trusting God in my personal and business life. My question was- how do I trust when I don’t see any results?

I came to this conclusion: God loves me and he has set me on a path and will see me through. You say, “How do you know?” Because when God puts a flame in your heart and begins to stoke the fire until it becomes a raging fire, you know you’re right where he wants you.  If you are right where God wants you and doing your part of the work, he will put everything in place and move you into the right positions.

An example, of this is what God is doing for me in my coaching business. He put a flame in my heart, and so I became a Personal Development Coach.  As I worked on my business, he has made that small flame into a raging fire. Now, I understand that I need to be patient as my business grows, my client base is being increased, and my faith is being stretched.

I know that I will succeed with God on my side. I am determined to allow God to stretch me so that my faith will see me through the most difficult of situations.

Challenge: Answer the following questions for yourself.  What about you? Are you allowing God to stretch your faith? Is there chaos in your life? Determine to stay still and let God get everyone and everything into place while you work on what he has already given you to do.

Create Your Map to Success!

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