My Niche

People ask me all the time what I do and what I chose as my niche. For a long time I scratched my head trying to tell people in plain language what I do. This week I sat down and completed the clear goal of My Map to Success Coaching business in one clear sentence.

My Map to Success Works with others to change their life stories so that they can create the life of their dreams.

This means that I help others write out the story they currently live by and help them overcome any blocks and limiting beliefs. The process we go through assists the client in rewriting their story so they can accomplish all their goals they have for their life.

This is what I did in my own coaching experiences and now I desire to help others do the same thing. If I had not changed my story, I would have struggled for the rest of my life. The feeling of living a life that is productive and moving in a positive, successful direction creates a happiness that is hard to explain.

Does this mean that life is perfect. No, but together with my clients, I help them create a life that helps them go through every part of life. Together we make a story or map that gives them a clear vision of what they want and how they will live their life from now on.

Challenge: Go to the home page and fill-out the MMTS Free Coaching Session to start creating your new story. We will get to know each other so that you can know what coaching is like before you make a weekly commitment.

Create Your Success Map Today!

Please, if you have any questions email me at

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Personal Development Coaching Includes:

You will create a success map in…

Creating a Happy Life, Eliminating Limiting Beliefs, Designing Your Life, Goal-setting, Becoming a Lifelong Learner,  Making Connections, Developing Relationships, Maintaining Your Personal Development Growth, Financial Freedom, Business Development and Growth, Social Marketing, and so much more.

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