Excellent Report

In a lot of pain!

This last week I had a very full schedule. On Tuesday, I was the keynote speaker of the SEDCC (Southeast Dallas Chamber of Commerce) March Luncheon. The next day I was asked to speak for five minutes about what I did at My Map to Success, and, that afternoon, I got a text that I was going to teach the ladies at the church.

Although my week was packed with great things. Something happened on Thursday that I just did not understand. On Thursday morning I woke up in severe pain. I could not move my head to the right without screaming out in pain.

The next day, Friday morning, I could not move my head to the left without severe pain all through my neck, upper back, and mid-back. It was horrible! The whole time I was going through the pain I thought about all the techniques that I teach other people.

When I teach through my blogs, my speaking engagements, and through my coaching, I give others techniques that help them through moments such as I was going through. Of Course, I had to do the techniques because I didn’t want to feel like a hypocrite.

First, I started creating and saying gratitude statements. These statements help to refocus your mind. Instead of just focusing on the pain, it gives your mind something positive to focus on. This helped me to stay positive and not fall into depression like I have in the past.

Second, I prayed to God for healing. This helps focus your mind on the healing process and not the pain. I also began to thank Him for my healing as I sat in pain. This made me trust that He would heal me. Quoting healing scriptures as a part of this prayer is something else that is effective in the healing process. When you pray scripture, the message gets into your subconscious, and then you are able to allow God’s healing to flow through your body.

Okay, I know you are ready to hear how it all turned out. Awesome!!! Saturday morning, I woke up and could turn my head in both direction and experienced very little pain. It was absolutely amazing.

I was so tired of laying in bed that when Brenton said, “Why don’t you stay here while I go take Snow to her job?”

I replied, “No Way!” We spent the rest of the day together shopping and looking at items we need for our home.

Sunday morning, I woke up able to turn my head with no pain at all. No one knows what happened to my neck and I don’t know if we will ever know but I am glad it’s over and I woke up, went to church, and lead my youth group without extreme pain.

Challenge: If you are facing anything today, go through the two steps and believe that you can receive the healing today. It may feel like there is no hope but I promise you there is hope and all things are possible.

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