Going Through Challenges 4

Turn challenges into opportunities.

“But we can turn challenges into opportunities if we look outwards to the realities of the global economy and modernize our internal institutions in ways that will equip Europe to meet that challenge and create confidence amongst the public.”

John Hutton

As a child, I always loved a new challenge.  There is a story I always tell my children that makes them laugh and illustrates turning challenges into opportunities.  There were two huge trees in my front yard.  They were great climbing trees.  Every day, I would attempt to climb one of the trees.  At first, I would simply fall out of the tree.  This did not stop me at all.  Once I got up and dusted myself off, I would turn around and climb back up the tree.

Each day, I would get farther and farther up the tree.  The more I climbed the more I learned.  Every time I would climb again, I would remember what I learned to do and not to do from the last time I climbed the trees.  As I climbed up the tree, I remembered each spot for my hand and foot.  This continuous tree climbing made me aware of the more dangerous spots, so I could slow down and take care as I passed by them.  When I got to the top, I felt like a winner, but I was not done.  Once that challenge was over, I was ready for a bigger challenge, so I went looking for more opportunities to succeed.

Now that I am grown up and no longer climb trees, I look for other opportunities to challenge me.  The principle I used as a child to climb the tree, I now use as I face challenges as a woman, wife, mom, and writer.  When I started writing, I struggled with fear that I would not live up to my own expectations.  As I wrote my blogs and started writing my book, I used the fear of failure to propel me into action and do my best.  The one thing I don’t want to do is let myself down.  Failure to me is simply not taking action.  There are opportunities for me everywhere, but I need to take the opportunities and face all my challenges.  In my opinion, taking challenges and changing them into opportunities is the definition of success. 

“A pessimist sees the difficulty in every opportunity; an optimist sees the opportunity in every difficulty.”

Winston Churchill

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