Going Through Challenges 5

Connect what I already know with the challenge.

“Education is not preparation for life; education is life itself.”

John Dewey

                What I have learned through my challenges, I write down, so I can use the information the next time I go through a similar challenge.  All of my challenges and what I have learned are in journals that I love to go back and read.  When I am frustrated with a situation, I write down my frustration and, when I find the solution, I go back and write down the answer.  These journals are stored in a place that is easily accessible. 

                Another way to get through a challenge is by research.  When I go through a difficulty, I look up what I am going through and find others who have gone through the same thing.  Once I have found someone who has successfully gone through the challenge, I study how they got through the challenge.  Usually, I make the answer into steps that I can follow. 

                When I go through a challenge, I also enjoy finding a friend that has gone through something similar and asking them to help me.  They can give me pointers and help me with my plan to succeed.  If I get sad or ready to give up, they can help me by encouraging me.  Once I get through the challenge and celebrate my accomplishment, the friend can help me celebrate, too. 

“Learning is not a product of schooling but the lifelong attempt to acquire it.”

Albert Einstein

Continue to move forward.

“Always continue the climb.  It is possible for you to do whatever you choose, if you first get to know who you are and are willing to work with power that is greater than ourselves to do it.”

Ella Wheeler Wilcox

The one thing that I believe gets me closer to success is always moving forward.  If I stop, I may lose momentum and never get through each challenge.  As long as I am moving forward, I am getting closer to succeeding in life.  My college education is a great example of continuously moving forward.  It has always been my dream to receive as much information as possible.  For me, lifelong learning is not an option, because I have made a pact with myself to continuously learn for the rest of my life.

When I met my husband, Brenton, I was working and not attending college classes.  He encouraged me to get a college education, so I took his advice and enrolled in a college class.  Sometimes, I would take several classes and other times I would only take one.  There were semesters that I didn’t take any classes, but I would read certain books that kept me motivated or learning about business.  After many years of taking classes off and on, I decided I had played around with my education enough.  It only took me a year and a half from the time I decided to complete my degree to my graduation ceremony.

Now, I am applying the moving forward concept to my graduate degree.  This is a story that I like to share with others, because it shows how moving forward can help each of us get through difficult times, reach our goals, and continue to succeed.  Life will be full of challenges, but I know that I can learn and grow as I get through each one.  In my life I’ve had numerous challenges, but I am a better person for getting through them.

“Determine never to be idle.  No person will ever have occasion to complain of the want of time who never loses any.  It is wonderful how much may be done if we are always doing.

Thomas Jefferson

This week’s challenge.

This week’s challenge is to start looking at challenges as ways to grow and learn.  When I am able to have a positive attitude toward each challenge, I am able to get through them faster and more confident.  The six steps above guide me through my challenges, and they prepare me for the next challenge I will face.  When I complete the six steps, I am in control of the challenge instead of the challenge in control of me. 

“Reading makes a full man, meditation makes a profound man, discourse a clear man.”

Benjamin Franklin

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