Leadership 103

Tend the Flock of God

“Tend (nurture, guard, guide, and fold) the flock of God that is [your responsibility], not by coercion or constraint, but willingly; not dishonorably motivated by the advantages and profits [belonging to the office] but eagerly and cheerfully;”

I Peter 5:2

                Once we become Christians and start our devotions, it is time to learn our leadership skills.  These leadership skills will be use to help others inside and outside the church.  This leadership comes in many forms.  First, we can lead people by helping them receive their necessities.  There are many people who desperately need basic necessities such as food, clothing, and shelter.  Just giving them these basic necessities can help lead them and encourage them to become better.

                Second, we need to teach them the Word of God.  There are times that we need to teach them the Word one-on-one.  If they have a question, we need to make ourselves available.  Other times, we need to teach a Bible class, which can be a small or large class.  Some people may not want to teach small classes, but there are times where it is necessary.  Smaller classes can lead to larger classes as we grow in God and His Word.

                Third, we need to willingly listen to others.  There was a time when I didn’t pay enough attention to others.  If someone had a problem, I would turn around and walk away.  Sometimes, I would think they just needed to get over their problems and get on with their life.  Now, I am a lot tenderer, because I started to ask God to show me people through His eyes.  When someone is going through problems, I first pray and then I listen and comfort.

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