Published Illustrator With Special Needs

Today, I wanted to interview and write about a young woman who is near and dear to my heart. She is the reason I published The Adventures of Jimmy and Johnny Mouse. She created the characters when she was eight-years-old, and, at the age of 19-years-old, she illustrated the published book. Kalamarie is my daughter and writing buddy. We have written stories together sense she was seven-years-old. Now, I would like you to learn a little more about why she is so special and what makes this children’s book such an amazing success.

Tina White: Snow, what was the greatest accomplishment in your life up this point?

K. Snow White: At the age of 19-years-old, I became a published illustrator. I am proud of this accomplishment, because it also opens doors for me to write other books. My whole life I have dreamed of becoming a published author as well. It proves to me that I can have a career as an illustrator and author. It also happens that I accomplished this illustrating all with the title of a person with special needs.

Tina White: What special needs do you have?

K. Snow White: Well, there are quite a few, but I will list each of them with descriptions of each.

Dyslexia- This hinders my ability to see and understand words in a sentence and comprehend what I am reading.

Dyscalculia- Essentially, it is the same as dyslexia but with numbers. It makes it hard to count and understand basic math. You should see the frustrated people behind me at the checkout counter when I am trying to count out my change.

Dysgraphia- It means I struggle getting the words from my brain out on paper, but it is not impossible.

Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD)- I struggle with writing, drawing, or any task because I get distracted easily. It messes with your sense of organization, and it also makes it hard to sleep through the night.

General and social Anxiety- I have anxiety on a regular basis, but I especially have anxiety when I am around people. It makes it harder to make friends. It is important to talk with people, because that is how we become successful in life. This is why I am constantly trying to work on socializing with people I do and do not know.

Tina White: What do you see for your future?

K. Snow White: I see me writing a book series. Not just one or two books, but several book series; like a franchise. My stories are like my babies. I can create a world and have that world turn out any way I want.

Living the Published Dream!

Tina White: What do you want to say to encourage others with special needs; especially the ones that want to accomplish something but think they cannot?

K. Snow White: Don’t let what other people say about you get in your way. I had a teacher in second grade say I was stupid and would not amount to anything. She said it was just a behavior problem and we were making up the learning differences. Everybody is different. There are a lot of people who have special needs who accomplished big things. You do not know you cannot do something unless you try, so just try.

Thank you, Snow, for your complete honesty in this interview. I know that it will help inspire others to try no matter what special needs or differences they may have in their lives.

Snow and I have gone through this journey together. We work together with others to help them see how special they are, even if they have a special need or difference. Even I have some differences that others do not really know about. Together, Snow and I are getting the word out that you can do anything you set your mind to, but you have to try to accomplish and succeed no matter what you face.

We will definitely update you as Snow works on her education and her writing, so that you can see the personal growth she will go through. Her next step is to apply to Texas A&M University for the Fall of 2020. We will let you know what direction her life goes in, so you can be inspired.

Below, I am posting the link to iUniverse, which is the publishing company where you can buy the book. This book is a reminder that we all have dreams, and that, no matter what obstacle is in your way, you can overcome it and fulfill that dream. Good luck on your quest to overcome your challenges.


4 Replies to “Published Illustrator With Special Needs”

  1. Thoroughly enjoyed reading the article. I remember when we were awaiting Snow’s arrival. I always knew there was something special about her. Words cannot even begin to express the pride and joy it gives me to know that she is doing well. Snow, you are truly an inspiration. God bless you.


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