Power Statements

Today, I got my daily challenge from Dean Graziosi. It was about making power statements that you say three times a day.

“I create value in other people’s lives!

This statement goes with the person I am trying to become. I will focus on this three times a day and say it aloud.


This is what I wrote a few weeks ago. Three times a day I see this on my phone. I have seen a profound difference in the value that I create in people’s lives. I look for ways to create values in other’s lives every time I see these messages on my phone.

It is funny how I find ways to create value but also people come to me for value. I enjoy helping people become the person they desire to be and give them their needs. When you help people get their needs, then they can get their minds off of those needs and follow the desires that God has put in their hearts.

It is also amazing how adding values to others adds value to my own life. I gain so much when I help others. I gain peace. I learn from that person. I become the person that God desires me to be.

Add value to other’s lives and it will add value to your own!

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