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A While ago, I did an article on Kalamarie Snow White. She is a writer, artist, and illustrator. In that article, she is very open about her learning difficulties and how she would not let her special needs get in the way of her success. Snow has created a success map that has led her to a business where she can be creative in selling beautiful pieces of jewelry.

She doesn’t want anything getting in her way of creating the life she wants. This includes the lack of money that she would need to buy supplies or care for herself as a writer, artist, and illustrator. This business is just one more proof that, even those who may struggle in one area, can succeed in so many other areas. Snow is using her gifts to run her business and do what she loves.

If you are a person who has struggled in school or has a special need of some kind (we all have at least one), then please take Snow as an example of how you can succeed by using your strengths to create your career and managing your weaknesses as best you can. What Snow does not do well in, she asks others to help her with or hires the extra help.

As Snow grows in her business and her personal development, I will give you updates. Her desire to become successful in everything she does is truly inspirational. In no time, I know she will have the life she so desires.

Thank you, Snow, for letting us share in your life and follow your success story as it unfolds before our eyes.

Click on her name to go to her Paparazzi website.

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Kalamarie Snow White

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