Create While You Wait!

art-brush-painting-colors-3112“>Create While You Wait Facebook Live

Yes, that’s right, create while you wait! You, see, while we are in quarantine, do not miss this opportunity to create something. This can be anything. It can be a business, a book, a piece of art, project, a video, or anything else that you have wanted to do for a while but did not have the time. Do not end this quarantine with regret.

Brenton and I are always working on some kind of project, but we are definitely putting it in high gear. We are both working on uploading as many of our specific YouTube videos as possible, we are working on writing articles, we are working diligently at our jobs, creating projects for our homes, started a healthy eating and workout routine, and other projects we have left undone for awhile. Why? No regrets!

Make a list of things you have put off creating or working on. Choose the the one that means the most to you. This will bring joy to your life and make you feel more satisfied. It also will help you refrain from feeling the sadness of regret when this quarantine time is over.

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