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My Map to Success Vlog: Health Update

Today, I want to update you on my health. Many of you who follow My Map to Success know that I have struggled with chronic pain for a long time. It got better this last summer, but, when I went back to my old ways of eating ,the pain came back. Five weeks again, as I said in my health blog last week, I decided to do a makeover of my eating habits. I started eating lean proteins with veggies. This update, not verbatim, is in the link above.

After five weeks, I have not stepped on a scale, but I have noticed considerable difference in how I feel. This is why I started the eating change in the first place. I wanted to feel good and have more energy. There are so many things I want to do. My pre-kindergarten 4 students depend on me, my children at home depend on me, My Map to Success clients depend on me, my doctoral work, and, last, but absolutely always at the top of my list, Brenton depends on me.

My health has to change. Pain and fatigue cannot rule my life. Although I want to lose all my weight and look amazing in my clothes and on video, the most important thing is for me to have the energy to live the successful life and be there for those who absolutely need me and lean on me. Is it starting to work and have I seen a change?

Absolutely! I am feeling so much better. Everyday, I get up and accomplish so much more than I have in the past. I am coaching through the My Map to Success (through website, social media, and one-on-one), I am able to be there for my children, I am able to teach online, I am able to write every day, and I am creating eCourses under the My Map to Success umbrella.

Once again, I am excited about life. This is because I can do all the things I love to do. I am giving the best version of me everyday. It is all because I simply changed my eating habits. Is there more change I need to go through? Absolutely! I know my health is going to get better and better! I am going to continue to feel amazing and become the successful woman I was created to be, which means I will have no regrets. If you read the My Map to Success blogs long enough, you know I do not want to end my life with regret. Health is my answer!

Stay tuned for more updates, which I will bring you weekly. I cannot wait to tell you how I am doing, and I will eventually find a working scale and let you know if I have lost any weight. Well, until next time, stay healthy and safe.


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