Taking Every Opportunity


It is so important that we are able to take and see every opportunity that is presented to us. We also need to start seeing those we have missed. This is not just to dwell on what we did not do right but to make sure that, when the next opportunity arises, we will be more aware.

There are six things to especially be aware of when taking every opportunity. First, you need to make sure you are healthy. If you feel tired and dragging yourself through the day, you will not get the tasks done that will lead you to reaching your goals. Recently, I did a total revamp of my diet. If you want to know more about my change in diet, I will link the blog below.

second, you need to do what this blog says and take every opportunity to complete the tasks that are linked to your most important goals. This is funny because right now I am sitting in my husband’s car writing this blog. He needed videos for his YouTube Channel “Videos for my sons” (you can easily find his channel by searching YouTube for Brenton White) and I wanted to get out of the house for awhile. So, here I am sitting and writing as he videos whatever he has marked on him map.


Third, trim the fat off your schedule. This sounds funny, but is so important. Make sure you go through and take off anything that will not get you to your ultimate goals. Now, there are exceptions to this. I am not a cold-hearted woman who does only things that get me to my goals. When my family or needs me or has desires that do not line up with mine. I am always willing to help, but I also have to make sure I am reaching my very important goals to help these important people in my life.

Fourth, there are some things that I just cannot always do. So, there are times I need to hire others or delegate to my family. This helps me take things off my plate that are tasks that need to get done but suck up too much of my time. This was a technique for success that I learned from a good friend, Tammy Escobedo (Mary Kay Independent Director). She told me I could not do everything. There were things that I needed to get other people to do. We all need to learn this lesson.

Fifth, you need a planning system that you can be consistent with and not jump from planner to planner or start a planner, and then three months in, stop using it all together. In my planning system, I combine three different planning systems that work for me. It is organized and color coded in such a way that I know exactly what to do and why I am doing it. In addition, I am constantly writing the to do list over (the things I did not get done that day) on the next days list. This way it is always fresh in my mind, and, I am going to tell you, those unchecked tasks get so annoying That I have to get them off my list. (Friday, I will post a blog about my planning system)

Finally, create a sign that you can use every time you need quiet time to work. Actually, in the next week, Snow (She’s Snow Paparazzi) and I will do a collab and create signs for when we are recording or creating and need quiet. This will be a fun project that we do together but something that you can do to become more productive. Hang the sign on the door that makes everyone in the house aware that it is quiet time.

All of these tips are things I have tried to help get all the tasks completed that are associated with goals that mean the most to me. You can have this type of productivity too. All you have to do is find what is getting in the way of your productivity and change it. Your success depends on it!


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Here are the links from the resources above:

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Brenton White- Videos For My Sons

Tammy Escobedo- Mary Kay Independent Sales Director

K. Snow White- She’s Snow Paparazzi

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