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This is look of pure joy!

Your Life Why

The first thing you need to do is create your why for life. The following paragraph is my why for getting up each day and doing life. You need to create your own why statements and post them somewhere you will always see them. This will remind you of why you need to push through the tough times or even the boring and uneventful times.

I get up every morning excited to start my day. Why? My family, my Personal Development Mission, and the She’s Snow Accessories (the Paparazzi business that my daughter and I started)! I get up to build up and work each one of these reasons. This is my why to life! What is your why? What brings a smile to your face each day?

Your Business Why

What is my why for the direct sales?

My why for starting the Paparazzi Accessories business is to help every woman feel beautiful- inside and out. Bringing a little glam into her life puts a smile on her face and makes her feel special. This also boosts her self-esteem and brings joy in her life. This is why She’s Snow Accessories gets up every morning and works the business. Our desire is to create change in every woman’s life- one piece of jewelry at a time!

Now you create your business why. Why do you get up every morning? What makes you want to work your business? What helps you keep going going even through the difficult times?

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