Success in Direct Sales

Success in Direct Sales 

The link above is to a vlog that I did on direct sales success. People may try to tell you that you cannot succeed in direct sales, but, the truth it, you can succeed by taking some strategic steps and changing your mindset. In today’s video, we discuss the strategic steps you need to take. We will talk later about the direct sales mindset that leads to success.

If you follow the plan that I am about to lay out for you, you will succeed in sales of any kind. Do not listen to people who are discouraging you or think it is a get rich quick scheme. The truth is there are specific things you do to become successful. Are they hard? They are only as hard as you make them. The truth is that, what people say is hard or scary, I have made up my mind to think of them as exciting. This is coming from a person who has dealt with extreme depression, anxiety, and fear of people.

If I can do it, you can do it! 

Tina Selfie

Fear is a mind-set I finally took out with the trash!


Life is too short not to follow your dreams!

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