Create a Mastermind Group

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It is important to create a mastermind group. This is something that many successful businessmen and woman do for their businesses. What about for those who are small business owners, owners of direct sales businesses, or just a person working every day to become successful in life. All of us need to create a mastermind group for our personal life as well as our careers.

Here is how you can do that: first, you need to write down all the people you know who are successful and you admire. If they are successful in an area not related to your goal, then that is okay. They probably have skills that can be used in any area of your life or career. For example, I know a woman who is amazing at building their contact base. They are constantly working a room at a function to make those contacts. She is someone I want on my mastermind team. Anyone can use that kind of skill.

Second, you need to contact the people and coordinate a monthly time with them to meet. This can be tricky with successful people, but it can be done. Most successful people want to help others succeed, so they will, most likely, help you out. Put this on your calendar and make sure you are there for every meeting. Do not waste their time. If you say you will be there, then you need to be there. You do not need to meet in person, you can always meet on zoom or any other virtual platform.

Third, consistently meet every month to discuss what is going on in your life or career and what successes you have seen in the month and what struggles you came across. These meeting are ways for you to get feed back and strategy with those who have probably come across the same problems that you have and know what steps you will take to get past them.

After six months, re-evaluate with your team the goals and strategic steps you are taking in your life and career and then adjust them to fit where you are in your life. A lot of time, we are either going off in another direction or we have reached specific goals and need to create new ones. Some may need two different mastermind groups. One for their personal life and one for their careers. Others may just need one that can serve for both.

The video below shows me talking about my business, but in the video I also talk about the importance of a mastermind group.

Speaking from the Heart

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