Standing Confidently

This month I want to start off with a post about confidence. Confidence is a skill. There are some who may look like they were born with confidence, but the truth is that they were taught the skills needed to be confident. Usually, these people that seem to be born confident really were taught these skills early in their life.

The first skill that confident people learn is how to stand tall and look confident. Although you may think this is just people who looing confident, but the truth is standing tall can also make you feel confident. When we stand tall, we breath easier and feel better about ourselves. When I try to do a difficult task, I try to work on standing tall and correctly. Usually, it helps me feel more confident when I am trying to complete the difficult task.

Exercise is a great way to learn to stand tall. When I do my exercise like walking 3.1 miles, I work on making sure I have correct posture. Although I am not the expert in posture or exercise that will help you develop the correct posture, there are some great videos on YouTube that can help you get the posture you need to feel more confident.

If you do not know how to develop good posture, go to a wall stand up straight and make sure your head is held high. This will help you to make sure you are at least keeping your back straight and your head up. Enlist a friend to help you make sure you are not slouching. Make sure it is a supportive friend and not a hyper critical friend that cannot wait to point out when you do wrong.

Try this every time you feel down or are about to start something new. Write reminders on mirrors or next to your bed stand. It would also help you to write reminders at your desk or stick them to your computer that remind you to set up straight. It will also benefit you in the future as you get older.


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