My name is Tina White and my mission is to empower others through personal development coaching and blogging.  In addition to the Personal Development blogs I have posted to my website, I also have daily encouraging messages on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, and I have a group and one-on-one coaching where I use the My Map to Success Program.  It will teach you the process I took to become a successful woman, wife, mother, writer, and female entrepreneur.

What qualifications do I have?  I have a Bachelors from Amberton University in Human Relations and Business, a Masters from the University of Southern California in Teaching English, several Teaching Certifications, and training and courses in psychology, counseling, and life coaching.

Please feel free to get in contact with me and set up a meeting.   We will discuss where you are now and where you really want to be.  This first meeting is a complimentary meeting to discuss the possibility of us working together.  It would be a pleasure to assist you in your journey to living your dream life.

Thank you for visiting my website!  Hope to hear from you soon!

Tina White