She’s Snow Accessories was started by my daughter, K. Snow White, and I, Tina White. This team will empower each other to create businesses that will change not only the woman’s life, but also her family. She will become a Girl Boss who will grow in strength and courage.

Through our businesses, we will learn how to make the money we need to support our family and our dreams, give to those in need, and change the lives of all the women we come in contact with. This is our dream; our goals. We will not stop until we have made the difference we know is possible. If this is your dream too, then please come along with us and we will train you to develop into the Girl Boss we all know you are. Let go of fear and live the life of your dreams.

For more information, please contact us here at My Map to Success or email me at tinawhite@mymaptosuccess.com.