Brenton and Tina have a mission to empower others to succeed through training, one-on-one consultation, review of success books and writing their own personal development and childrens books, and teaching. Brenton has a Bachelors from Boston University, a Masters from the University of Southern California, and a Doctorate in Educational Leadership from Dallas Baptist University. Tina has a Bachelors from Amberton University, a Masters from the University of Southern California, several Teaching Certifications, Life Coaching and image certificates, and taken several college courses in psychology and counseling. She is also currently working on a doctorate degree in educational leadership, a principal certification and a superintendent certification. They are both readers and have a thirst for knowledge. Their hope is that this knowledge will help others succeed in their own lives.

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Busy People Do Better @ Direct Sells

Busy people make the best direct sales people. Why? 1. They are out and about, so they show off their product. 2. They are usually more motivated. 3. They are … Continue reading Busy People Do Better @ Direct Sells

Business & Balance

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Authentic Connections

She’s Snow Facebook Live It is important to have an authentic Facebook Live or connections with your audience and customers. The video I am providing is an example of my … Continue reading Authentic Connections