Authentic Connections

She’s Snow Facebook Live It is important to have an authentic Facebook Live or connections with your audience and customers. The video I am providing is an example of my … Continue reading Authentic Connections

Vision Board

Make your motivation board. You will put this on the wall or use it as your computer wallpaper. You can create a poster board with pictures and words that are … Continue reading Vision Board

Create a Mastermind Group

It is important to create a mastermind group. This is something that many successful businessmen and woman do for their businesses. What about for those who are small business owners, … Continue reading Create a Mastermind Group

Do what you say!

Sometimes we think we do everything we say, but we really do not. We say one thing and do the opposite. Thinking before we ask someone to do something or stating our beliefs is vital to an effective leader. This is what I am trying to work on. Every time I say something to my children or to others that I lead, I do what I am telling them to do.