Financial Coaching

Financial Planning

Financial map that will get you started toward your financial freedom. Will include a video conference with coach plus a financial map to help keep you on track toward your financial goals.


Financial Coaching

Financial Coaching includes financial planning through video conferencing to create a financial map that will keep you on track toward your financial goals. This coaching also includes six meetings to check on progress and all the materials to assist you on your path toward financial freedom.


Debt Reduction

This is a very special course. It is a course that you will pay by the month. First, we need to set up a map that will help us start you off on the road to financial freedom. The next step is to teach you the different aspects of debt and how to become financially free. You will pay by the month because every one is different in how much debt they have and how long it will take them to pay it off. This coaching is $60.00 a month.