MMTS Star Corner

When you first meet Rickey Don Callahan, you can see a man with integrity and a man with a heart for the Southeast Dallas Community. His desire is to see people prosperous and thriving. He supports the small businesses, family safety and well-being, and the educational system.

His greatest successes are his ability to work with people, organizing, and inspiring those he comes into contact with on a daily basis. He has used those strengths to build a career in real estate and as a councilman for District 5 in Southeast Dallas.

The one thing that impressed me the most about Councilman Callahan is how he honors teamwork. He explains that teamwork is how you get things done. The key to teamwork is making sure you have the right people on your team. Without the right people, jobs don’t get done. It can’t be a one person show. Everyone has to do their job.

One thing that I would like to quote from Councilman Callahan that I appreciate about him:

“I admire people with staying power.”

As I watch him in his business and in his position as councilman, he is a man of staying power. Whatever he does, he gives 110% or more. The one thing I want us to take away from this blog is that pushing through obstacles and hard times are more important than anything else we could do in our quest for success.

He loves history and patriotism. Through this love he felt a need to serve his country in some way. Becoming a city councilman was the way he knew how to serve the people the most. This shows how much he cares and wants the best for those in his community. His dedication to helping others is respected in the community and his leadership is invaluable.

What does the future have in store for Councilman Callahan? Well, now that his time as councilman is ending, he is not sure exactly what he is going to do. He has his real estate business, but he is always looking to take risks and do something different.

He is thinking about stepping out of his comfort zone and do something that makes him grow. Some of the things he talked about attempting include acting, playing his guitar in public, or starting a touring business for people who would like to learn more about the history of Dallas. Whatever he does, we all know that it will be with honor and integrity.

Councilman Callahan, thank you for your service to District 5 and for your example of true success in the Pleasant Grove area of Dallas.

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