Purpose Statement Example

My goal is to empower others to pursue their passion.  I believe that everyone was born with a purpose.  Developing that purpose is a journey.  Every journey needs a map.  Through a love of learning and research, I have found stepping stones that can guide anyone to success.  Together we will reach our goals and live the lives we desire.

The above paragraph is an example of my purpose. I discovered this purpose several years ago by answering the questions from yesterday’s blog. As the years go by, I refine it and even reword it but the purpose is still the same.

Empowering others to find their purpose makes me happy. When I am empowering others whether through coaching one-on-one, group, or public speaking, I can work for hours and I lose time. Through coaching, public speaking, blogging, and writing books, I increase my happiness and fulfillment of my purpose.

Everyone can have this fulfillment. They can experience happiness and joy through their purpose. Answering the questions from yesterday is just the beginning. Writing down those answers in a purpose statement like I did in the first paragraph is the second step.

The next step is writing a mission statement for yourself. Companies do this to help them stay on track. We should all create our mission statements to do the same thing. It helps us focus on what is important and decide what activities to stop. We will discuss further about how to write a mission statement tomorrow.

Challenge: If you didn’t answer the questions from yesterday, then answer them now. From those answers, write a purpose statement that will help you tomorrow write your mission tomorrow. Tomorrow, make sure your read the MMTS Mission Statement blog to assist you in writing your own mission statement.

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